What is LID-Monitor?

Many Parkinson’s disease patients experience unpleasant side effects, such as involuntary movements called ‘dyskinesia’.  These are a result of excess levodopa medication and called Levodopa-induced dyskinesia(LID).

LID can be improved by adjusting medication dosage to find a tolerable balance between the benefits and side effects.

However, traditionally, your doctor can only rely on your description of your medication experiences, which at best is documented by your diary. It is cumbersome for the patient and the carer and unreliable for healthcare professionals.

LID-Monitor is a wearable medical device for continuous monitoring of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, designed for home use by patients and their caregivers. Results provided by LID-Monitor’s proprietary software can assist your doctor in fine-tuning your medication regime to better handle your motor symptoms and reduce unwanted drug-related complications.

  • Order your monitors for capturing Parkinson’s motor symptoms

  • Wear your monitors for 24 hours and return in the pre-paid package

  • Get results within 48 hours, plus a letter for your doctor

How does it work?

If you choose to do it yourself, after ordering LID-Monitor, you will receive a package of six small wireless sensors to be worn by the Parkinson’s patient.

These monitors measure and record data on the movement of the patient’s body over a 24-hour period.

When the monitors are returned, we will provide you and your doctor with an easy-to-read test report in the form of a 24-hour time chart using LID-Monitor’s proprietary software that identifies involuntary movements (known as dyskinesia) associated with Parkinson’s. Your medication and sleep information will also be documented in the report.

This analysis provides an objective and reliable assessment that will assist your doctor in reviewing the effectiveness of your medication and adjusting it where necessary.

Or book a home visit by our technician. Our lovely staff will come to your home to fit the monitors for you and provide a quick training on how to fill out the medication information.